Italian sheet metalworking equipment at Tech Industry 2019

Last week (November 28-30, 2019), the international industrial fair Tech Industry 2019 was held in Kipsala Exhibition Center in Riga. It is considered as the largest and most important industry project of this kind in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Covering over 16000 square meters, equipment, tooling and material manufacturers displayed their products, along with service companies and subcontractors from many countries.

During all three exhibition days Italian Machinery Association booth attracted many spectators due sheet metalworking machines constantly demonstrating their function. A Euromac FX Bend Cell press brake with KUKA robotic arm was the most popular among them.

Developing solution of this kind, Euromac allows its customers to increase performance speed, produce goods 24 hours a day, working in night shifts, as well as organize the complete manufacturing process in accordance with Industry 4.0 concept. Robotized solutions may be integrated into all the press brake models of this manufacturer.

Visitors of the booth could also examine some other sheet metal fabrication operations performed by Italian machines: punching on Euromac Plus Flex MTX 6 Hybrid machine, part polishing and grinding in a Costa Levigatrici machine. Apart from Italian Machinery Association team, manufacturing representatives also were present on the booth, ready to answer any questions of visitors.

Other news

IMA showroom building reconstruction
We are pleased to announce that the showroom building reconstruction for the Italian Machinery Association is soon to be completed. The showroom will showcase samples of our best metalworking equipment. We will keep you updated.
On behalf of Italian Machinery Association, we congratulate VIMERCATI on its 50th ANNIVERSARY, wishing many more years of success and innovation. Celebrating this milestone with gratitude and appreciation for our successful partnership.
APC 2. An evolved process sensor for Salvagnini fiber laser.
Are you familiar with APC2, for Salvagnini fiber laser? The adaptive process sensor APC2, monitors the piercing in real time, for greater speed and higher quality. It also checks for any cutting losses, and in the event of a fault, stops the process and resumes it with suitably remodulated parameters.

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