Fx bend Cell 1547-KR 70 MAX

The ideal solution for workpieces up to 1500 x 800mm. Large-capacity robot, with 2 different unloading configurations that can be modulated based on the customer productivity.

Cell for small and medium sized pieces with a high production capacity.

  cell 1547
Max. bending force (kN) 470
Bending length (mm) 1530
Daylight opening  
Y axes stroke (mm) 250
Y axes speed (mm/sec) 200
Max. bending speed automatic mode (mm/sec) 36
Max. bending speed manual mode (mm/sec) 10
Max. reach (mm) 2233
Max. payload with gripper (kg) 60
Number of axes 6
Pose repeability (mm) +-0.06
FX Cell  
Maximum parts dimension 1 stack (mm) 1500x800
Minimum parts dimension (mm) 50x100
Maximum stack height (mm) 300
Maximum thicknes (mm) 5
Minimum thicknes (mm) 0,7
Maximum part weight (kg) 30
Belt conveyor Max. parts dimension (mm) 1000 x 600 x h 300
Belt conveyor buffer length (mm) 600 scarico + 600
Area for gravity unloading (mm) 1200x800
Connected load (kWa) 6
Approx, weight (kg) 7000

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