Euromac XT Flex Hybrid 12-S 1500/30-3000

XT, the new generation of Euromac punching machines, characterized by their high performance and production flexibility are suitable to fulfil all production needs.

This is a machine with a large work area without the need for any repositioning, which ensures reliability and punching speed.

Each XT punching machine can be configured in either a hydraulic, a hybrid or an electric version, with either 6 or 12 stations (up to 66 tools and 30 of them are indexed).

Max. punching force (kN) 300
Y-axis with Multi-tool/Monop. (mm) 1550 / 1500
Y-axis motors 2
X-axis (mm) 3000
Automatic repositioning in X (mm) up to 10000
Punch stroke control (mm) from 0.1 to 31
Servomotor-driven hydraulic system standard
Positioning accuracy (mm) +/- 0.05
Repeatability in forming (mm) +/- 0.1
Bi-directional Auto-index Stations 3
Clamp aperture (mm) 11
Std. automatic clamps. 3
Max. number of strokes (1/min):  
Punching pitch 20 mm 500
Nibbling pitch 1 mm 1100
Marking 2000
Thicknesses (mm) 0.6 - 6.5
Max. sheet metal weight at reduced axle speed (kg) 180°
USB ports 6
Power required (kW) 8.5
Average power consumption (kW/h) 5
Approximate weight (kg) 9300
Dimensions (mm) 6200 x 4600

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