Vimercati PHSY 15040 hydraulic press brake combines three main factors - reliability, unsurpassed precision and high performance. This is achieved thanks to many years of experience in the design, development and production of metalworking equipment. The model uses new opportunities offered by modern information technologies and electronics.

The PHSY 15040 series hydraulic synchronized press is designed for processing metals up to 4 mm thick. It was developed back in 2008, but remains one of the most relevant and popular. The machine is equipped with a Cybelec DNC 60 control unit. It has four controlled axes - Y1-Y2-X-R.

Useful bending depth reaches 1250 mm. The distance between the sidewalls is 1000 mm. The maximum force is 30 tons. The error in positioning accuracy is ±0.01 mm. The traverse works at a speed of 0-10 mm/s.

The PHSY 15040 series press is suitable for any highly automated plant for the production of:

— elements of roof structures (ridges, valleys, snow retainers);
— drainage systems;
— facade railing details;
— cases, drawers, cabinets.

The Vimercati press is highly productive. Power of the motor of the machine is 15 kW. Its height is 3300 mm, width – 2100 mm, and the length – 4650 mm.

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