TruTool S 114 12V LiHD rechargeable battery

With the cordless shear you can cut ventilation ducts with precision on walls and ceilings. The 12V LiHD rechargeable battery provides an above-average runtime.

Short and flush cutting

The 12V rechargeable battery machine cuts ventilation ducts flush with walls and ceilings effortlessly, precisely and with a minimal obstruction of 30 mm. The TruTool S 114 can be easily rotated and delivers an outstanding cut quality, even when cutting spiral ducts. The 4.0 Ah / 12V LiHD rechargeable battery also ensures long runtimes.

Just right

Compact and practical 12V rechargeable battery. Compatible in its voltage class and with the 12V-36V recharger.

Brushless motor

Practically unlimited service life, virtually wear-free and hardly any maintenance. Battery performance per charge is also increased.

For even greater use

The TruTool S 114 is perfect for trimming and cutting C, L, and U profiles.

2-sided multi-edge cutter

The cutters can be interchanged with each other, thus doubling the service life.

Maximum sheet thicknesses  
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/mm² 1.6 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/mm² 1 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminium up to 250 N/mm² 2 mm
Spiral duct steel 400 N/mm² 4 x 0.75 mm
Spiral duct steel 600 N/mm² 4 x 0.5 mm
Smallest radius 60 mm
Working speed (max.) 13 m/min
Voltage 12 V
Minimum tube diameter 50 mm
Throat depth 30 mm
Weight (incl. rechargeable battery) 1.8 kg
Length 380 mm
Height 95 mm

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