TruTool N 160 with extension, 12V LiHD rechargeable battery

The cordless profiling nibbler enables you to process greater profile depths to perfection. Its compact design means you can also easily access areas that are difficult to reach.

Universal cordless machine for profile sheets

The compact 12V cordless machine with extension is well-suited to processing deep profile sheets. The cuts are produced quickly and precisely without any flying sparks. The compact design and ergonomically shaped grip mean you can work ergonomically with minimal effort. You can also easily access areas that are difficult to reach and progress quickly with your work. The 4.0 Ah / 12V LiHD rechargeable battery also ensures long runtimes.

Just right

Compact and practical 12V rechargeable battery. Compatible in its voltage class and with the 12V-36V recharger.

Brushless motor

Practically unlimited service life, virtually wear-free and hardly any maintenance. Battery performance per charge is also increased.

Optimum profiling

Depending on the geometry, the long tool enables you to easily cut trapezoidal sheets up to 60 mm in depth.

Perfect for curves and profiles

The cutting tool can be rotated in 8 steps of 45° without tools.

Change without tools

You can change dies and punches quickly without additional tools.

Long service life

The rotating punch reduces wear by ensuring the tool wears down evenly.

Maximum sheet thicknesses  
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/mm² 1.6 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/mm² 1 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 800 N/mm² 0.7 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminium up to 250 N/mm² 2 mm
Smallest radius 24 mm
Working speed (max.) 1.9 m/min
Starting hole diameter 22 mm
Voltage 12 V
Length 307 mm
Height 280 mm
Weight (incl. rechargeable battery) 1.8 kg

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