EUREKAMATIC mechanized bending press

One machine only for 4 different operations: circle-curve bending, angle-bending, tube bending with two options to bend with or without mandrel and scroll-bending.

Machined from solid cast iron block and designed to work cold iron, it is extremely easy to use because it is run and aided by an incorporated software, which allows total precision and efficiency of the curving system. The display shows the desired angle of curvature and constantly informs the operator about the position and movements of the curving axis.

The software allows the storage of 45 different angles of curvature. It is very easy and fast to change toolings. The machine can work both in manual and in semi-automatic mode, thus reducing working times and error possibility. It is also possible to have the clamping vice either pneumatic or hydraulic, besides some more customized options depending on the Customer’s specific needs.

Eurekamatic has been for many years so far one of the most requested and used machines by blacksmiths for their applications on tubes, profiles and square tubes, in order to carry out  railings, handrails, tables, chairs, doors, windows, gratings and many more

Digital screen
Tactile keyboard

Rotation Speed 7 - 14 g/1’
Gears A bagno d’olio
Weight 280 kg
Size 850 x 620 x 980 h.

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