Salvagnini P1

Versatile and productive electric panel bender

The P1 natively combines productivity, with its automatic bending and handling cycles, and versatility, with its universal bending tools and patented kinematics.

Flexible automation
It uses universal bending tools which automatically adapt in-cycle to the panel geometry, without machine down times or manual re-tooling, allowing batch-one or kit productions.

Sustainable technology
The technical solutions adopted, including the use of only pneumatic and electric drives, allow it to respect both people and the environment without reducing productivity. The panel bender consumes less than 3 kW and has truly compact overall dimensions, of just 8 m2.

Adaptive system
The integrated adaptive technologies (advanced sensors, bending formula, MAC3.0) make the system intelligent and able to automatically adapt to changes in the material and the external environment, eliminating waste and corrections, and extending the range of products that can be made.

Great versatility
With the bending unit's patented kinematics, the P1 panel bender can bend a wide variety of items, achieving bends that cannot be made on any other bending machine. 

Connectivity 4.0
The proprietary LINKS and OPS softwares establish communication between the system and the company departments involved in the production flow.

Maximum length of incoming sheet [mm] 1575
Maximum width of incoming sheet [mm] 1000
Maximum diagonal that can be rotated [mm] 1600
Maximum bending force [kN] 90
Maximum clamping force [kN] 310
Maximum bending length [mm] 1250
Maximum bending height [mm] 127
Minimum thickness [mm] 0.4
Maximum thickness and bending angle steel, UTS 410 N/mm2 [mm] 1.6 (±90°)
1.3 (±130°)
Maximum thickness and bending angle stainless steel, UTS 660 N/mm2 [mm] 1.3 (±90°)
1.1 (±120°)
Maximum thickness and bending angle aluminium, UTS 265 N/mm2 [mm] 1.6 (±90°)
1.3 (±130°)
Average consumption [kW] 3.0
Noise level (Machine Directive 2006/42/EC) [dB] 64

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