This is EMC's newest addition.
Small and compact, it combines excellent working capabilities with an affordable price.
Its working width of 1100 mm and the 2 groups configuration make it an ideal machine for Satin Finishing and Deburring on any kind of material.

Main parameters:

  • Number of working units – 2 pc.
  • Working width – 1100 mm.
  • Working thickness – 0,5-150 mm.
  • Work table height – 900 mm.
  • Total work table load  – 150 kg.
  • Vacuum table with inverter.
  • Adjustable feed speed via inverter static frequency changer.
  • Electronic digital display for working thickness; resolution 0,1 mm.

Types of processing:

  • Dry processing.
  • Grinding.
  • Deburring.
  • Surface finishing.

Working units two abrasive belt roller (R+R)
Abrasive belt length 1900 / 1900 mm
Roller diameter Ø125 / Ø125 mm
Abrasive belt width 1120 / 1120 mm
Single motor power for both working units 15kW
Rotating cutting speed 16 m/sec
Roller pressure adjustment control and "Grit-Set" system  

Vacuum device inside the machine

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