Delta Elle Range LB300

A stout cast iron column mounted on adjustable taper roller bearings, and a motor of 2.2 kW (3HP) allow precise grindings of surfaces up to 140 x 330 mm.

Model LB300 consists of a stiff structure arm, which allows to make the best use of the power of the wheel motor (3kW/4 HP). Considerable removals and very careful finishings are thus ensured on a work plane up to 155 x 360 mm. The fixed table grinding machines LB300 and LF350 can be equipped with different types of magnetic chucks:
  • permanent (L 14, L 15, L 14S and L 15S)
  • electropermanent with electronic adjustment of the magnetic flux density (L 14E and L 15E).

Distance between column axis and wheel axis mm 300
Max. distance between table-level and wheel mm 280
Max distance between magnetic chuck (standard) and wheel mm -
Max. grindable surface mm 140x330
Rapid feed per turn of andwheel mm 2
Micrometric feeds by means of the small round graduated handle mm 0.01
Size of the cup-wheel mm 178x78x78
Dimensions of the abrasive segments mm 50x16x90
rpm of the wheel   2840
Oscillation table   -
rpm of the rotating table (with L 13)   -
Motor power of the wheel KW (HP) 2,2 (3)
Motor power of rotating table KW (HP) -
Electropump motor power KW (HP) 0,06 (0,08)
Mass of the machine kg 400
Overall dimensions of the machine (max) mm AxBxH 850x850x1650

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